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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the GoldBoys x JD?

Back in February 2022 the GoldBoys joined forces with JD and his team to form a top tier gambling education platform. Our goal is simple, to provide the highest quality gambling education content to enable our customers to develop the tools and knowledge necessary to become successful sports gamblers over the long term.

How much is membership and what is included?

Membership is $50 per month on a rolling basis and it auto renewing. This means that if you sign up on 11/6 your membership will automatically renew on 12/6. With membership you will get access to 30+ sports cappers covering all major sports. You will also get access to our VIP Concierge Program; which will give you one on one support 24/7 for any personalized assistance you may require.

How am I supposed to know who to follow?

We like to view our services like a buffet, there is something for everyone, but you cannot have everything. We recommend that each member follows 2-4 cappers exclusively and to stick with these cappers for at least a month. To figure out which cappers best meet your betting style, bankroll and sport preferences we recommend that members check out our proprietary New Member Toolkit and get additional insight from our Who to Tail channel.

I paid the $50, how do I activate my subscription?

After payment is submitted you will receive two emails. One confirming your subscription and welcoming you to the discord. The other will contain an activation code that will look something like this: !123456. So to activate your account you take this code received via email and send it into a DM to the Launchpass bot within the discord. If you have trouble with activation, we have a dedicated mod team waiting to help via our VIP Support Ticketing System.

If I cancel my subscription, will I lose membership instantly?

Cancelling your subscription just ends the auto renew access of membership, you will still have access to VIP content till the end of your billing month.

I cancelled my membership but have changed my mind and want to reactivate my VIP. Is this possible?

If you are still an active VIP member with cancellation pending, you can reach out to LauchPass Support and request for them to reverse the cancellation. If your VIP membership has expired, you can just sign up again like you did when you originally joined.

I have two discord accounts and want to transfer my current VIP membership from one to the other. Is this possible?

To transfer your VIP membership from one account to another just send the activation code you originally used to activate your membership via DM to Launchpass Bot from the desired account.

Where can I find picks?

Picks are located under the following categories: VIP(picks), Rising Stars(Picks), and Premium(Picks).

I want to become a part of the GoldBoys x JD team. Is this possible?

We are always looking for new talent and members can be chosen to participate in our Member Showcase forum by posting their picks in the correct member slip channels. Members who promote positive vibes and assist other members with questions will also be considered for our hype crew, the Bang Gang.

I am interested in contacting GoldBoys with a business inquiry/opportunity.

Please contact us:
This email is not for customer service inquiries, but affiliations/partnerships only.
For customer service inquiries please use the discord or twitter contact methods referenced above.

I’m already a member and need to be reinvited.

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